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About Christina

“Every day is not easy, but every day is worth living and you, you are worth everything.”

- Christina Maria Martinez


Christina Martinez's journey from a modest upbringing to success is characterized by resilience and the transformative power of music. Despite childhood challenges, she recalls with a bright smile, brimming with life lessons. From enduring domestic violence and substance abuse to finding herself in a Children's Home in Arkansas, Christina's early years were marked by constant movement, spanning New Jersey, California, New Orleans, Chicago, and Texas. Throughout these transitions, music served as a steadfast companion, shaping her determined spirit.

However, her path took a dramatic turn while studying at San Antonio College when she was involved in a car accident in June 1998. Sustaining a broken wrist, ankle, and facial disfigurement that necessitated multiple surgeries and skin grafts, Christina vividly remembers how her family provided unwavering support during her challenging recovery period. "My friends and family gave me the courage to face each day," she reflects. "At a certain point, I realized that tomorrow held hope worth living for, even amidst today's difficulties."

Music continues to play a significant role in Christina's life. In 2013, on the 15th anniversary of her accident, she performed at San Antonio's Arneson River Theater. The event, which attracted a sizable audience of family, friends, and supporters, benefitted a local nonprofit dedicated to families with children in need of facial reconstructive surgery. Through her captivating performance, Christina not only revisited the tragedy of her accident but also transformed its memory into a narrative of resilience.

Christina and her husband, Tomas, draw from their life experiences to inspire others through personal and professional development courses, speaking engagements, and conferences. Proud business owners in Texas, they devote much of their time and resources to supporting their community, particularly in the realm of education. "I never envisioned myself as an entrepreneur," Christina admits humbly. She credits her mentors, innate innovation, and the unwavering support of her husband and son, Enzo, for her business acumen. Reflecting on her influence and achievements, Christina remains grateful every day for making it to tomorrow.










photo by Elizabeth Homan


photo by Elizabeth Homan

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